"The European Union has banned 1400 ingredients from their skincare products while the US has banned only 11."
"Women on average use 12 personal care products in their daily routine."
On average you apply 168 different 
chemical ingredients to 
your skin each day.  

Before TerreScents...

we worked for over 15 years at one of the biggest and popular fortune 100 corporations in the world. "That company" is still considered the largest health and wellness organization on the planet today.

Nice try…. we’re not here to “name names” or bash other companies (It’s not our style). The point is, working in that company for so long gave us knowledge about what actually goes into these big-name products. It's not pretty.

Here’s a fun game….take a close look at the back of your favorite skincare products and see if you can identify the ingredients, and figure out what they actually do. Yikes!

And guess what...
Knowing didn't matter.
Just like you, we used these chemical-loaded products over and over again for years.


Because they're everywhere! It's easier to just grab something off the shelf at our local store when we're in a hurry. We also had company discounts to make it even easier.

We needed something to help deal with our dry skin. Like everyone else, we ignored the ingredient list for as long as we could.

Something had to change...

when the new family addition arrived. It was exciting times, but we started to look at these products in a new light.

We already knew the they weren't good for us - but even worse - anything we used on the baby caused some sort of skin irritation, rash or breakout. Even the high-end organic stuff "looked" good, but they had packed in too many plant extracts. Allergy Alert!

We needed something simple, effective and natural.

So we took it into our own hands

We decided to take the knowledge we gained in the skincare industry and do something good with it.

The goal was to create a skincare collection that is

...extremely simple to use
...100% natural and organic

...extremely effective

We considered it food for our skin. We ended up spending the next 3 years developing recipes, testing, tweaking, re-testing, re-tweaking ...you get the idea.

By owning the whole end-to-end process we are able hand-select only the most natural and organic ingredients. The recipes are kept so simple that even our most allergy sensitive friends can enjoy them.

Most importantly, we absolutely REFUSE to use any chemicals, dyes, perfumes or parabens. 100% all natural is the key to smooth and glowing skin.

The early feedback was great

We started receiving some very inspiring comments and we were so excited to find that the recipes had been tweaked to the point that friends and family loved them.

We heard things like:

"...way better than the stuff I bought last week."

"...my skin feels softer already."

"...this absorbs quicker than I expected"

"Do you have any more?"

TerreScents was born...

We were so happy to be helping others solve the same skincare challenges we faced. That's when we decided to "give-it-a-name" and make it available to you and everyone else looking for better, safer skincare products.

Our commitment to you...

Eliminate the 168
You will have the softest, most natural and healthy looking skin that you've been looking for. 

You will be given the safest and most natural chemical-free skincare products; tweaked to perfection by former industry employees who've experienced first-hand why you should eliminate the harmful toxins and chemicals from your daily routine.
Better than "risk-free"
We know it's tough to find a skincare product that is right you and your skin type. Everyone is different and not every product will be right for everyone.  To help with this we offer a 100% money-back guarantee with every full-size product ordered. If you don't love your TerreScents purchase as much as everyone else does, just email us and we'll refund your money.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

What makes this better than your standard "risk-free" guarantee?  You can keep the product. There is nothing for you return. 

We want to make sure TerreScents is right for you..and only you can decide that.
Fast and Free Shipping
It's important for you to start to discover the benefits of a better skincare solution as quickly as possible. To help, we offer fast and free shipping on every TerreScents order within the United States and Canada.  

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